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Of Water

Of Water

based out of: Clarksville, TN
Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Alternative, Folk, Indie
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I Don't Know Why I Don't Know Why
I Don't Know Why
Jean Luc Picard
Promised Blankets Promised Blankets
Back Window
Open Room
Promised Blankets
Steps Behind
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  • It's here! Of Water is featured in The Ville vol. 6!
    It's here! Of Water is featured in The Ville vol. 6! Published 1/19/2023

    We're excited and to share that Caleb Stevens, Of Water's front man, is featured in volume 6 of Clarksville's premiere music publication 'Ville A Rock & Roll Magazine! Check out the highlight below and read the full article here. Clarksville friends can pick up a copy of the 'Ville at And Vinyl, Mom & Dad's Music or Revel House. Huge thank you to the 'Ville for the kind words. I hope you enjoy the article!

    "When singer-songwriter Caleb Stevens, front man for the band OF WATER, steps on stage and strums the first chord on his guitar, plays the first bar on his harmonica, or sings the first note of a song, you might think he's channeling the great Bob Dylan. Maybe it's the harmonica. Maybe it's the folk undertones permeating through his vocal chords. Or, maybe that particular Travelling Wilbury is one of Caleb's many musical influences."

    "Caleb is a melting pot of styles. In addition to channeling Dylan, Caleb proudly proclaims that he has The Beatles in his DNA, and that The Strokes have also shaped his sound over the years. If you listen closely, you can also hear modern indie rock influences subtly making appearances... undertones of Wilco, Alt-J, Portugal. The Man, Band of Horses and The National. These artists may have influenced Caleb, but he has created his own unique sound..."

    "On each stage that Caleb performs on, he not only brings his distinctive sound, but he also brings an openness that only authentic singer-songwriters can. His lyrics are the stories of his past ... that are meaningful to him. 'I love the gift of music is not having a visual that allows you to put a curtain in front of things - of being able to write a song that sounds happy, but the lyrics are sad. You really have to listen because it is an extra dimension of a complicated piece.' 'Promised Blankets' is one of the songs on his EP by the same name, and it manifests that extra dimension. 'I'm not the same that I am on most days / today I've no place in the rain / but I can't complain / through my window I've heard traces of such lovely refrain.' 'Promised Blankets lures the listener into a false sense of comfort. Maybe it's the music. Maybe it's the lyrics. Maybe it's both."

    "Caleb embodies the troubadours of old and new with his unique sound coupled with deep, meaningful autobiographical lyrics. He is a refreshing addition to any playlist."

    - Ashley Kettle, 'Ville A Rock & Roll Magazine

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About The Artist

Up and coming indie rock band Of Water is lead by singer-songwriter Caleb Stevens. Stevens is a native of Eau Claire, Wisconsin -- the "Muscle Shoals of the Midwest" which heralds names such as Bon Iver and S.Carey. Today Stevens resides in Middle Tennesse, you can hear him and his band Of Water playing around Nashville and Clarksville.

Of Water is "a melting pot of styles, channeling Bob Dylan and The Beatles, along with influences of modern indie rock." They "embody the troubadours of old and new with [their] unique sound, coupled with meaningful, autobiographical lyrics. [They] are a refreshing addition to any playlist." -- The Ville A Rock & Roll Magazine

Caleb Stevens
Caleb Stevens

Guitar / Vocals


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