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Take a Journey with Jay Ammo in His EP, “Red”

Take a Journey with Jay Ammo in His EP, “Red”

In Red, Jay Ammo delivers everything that we love about R&B - smooth, honest, and atmospheric - with his own experimental flair. With each track, listeners are invited to embark on a cathartic journey, navigating love and loss while finding solace in the lessons learned along the way. 

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Ammo comes out of the gate with raw and emotional lyrics in "Drunk (Interlude)", with his soulful vocals and stripped-back acoustic guitar fusing seamlessly for a fresh sound that can be traced back to his Clarksville roots. In the second track, "Parachute", we can feel the internal strife in the verses pleading for requited love, a nostalgic theme in R&B. Jay brings us to an emotional apex with the irresistible beat weaved through "Counting my days", and "The Blues" melds violin and melodic keys for a dramatic and old-school sound. 

Red takes listeners on a journey that parallels the emotional journey that many go through during heartbreak or the grieving process more broadly. The final track, "Still Love", provides a resolution to the raw and emotional, leaving listeners with hope. Ammo told us that he hopes from Red, people can be reminded there is always a better day “waiting to happen”. 

Ammo is a self-proclaimed connector and he wants his music to do just that: through his musical journey, he hopes that Red will help him to share his story with many. Viewing music as “our universal code,” Ammo delivered a testament to the many stages of love and loss that is equally as lyrically strong as it is emotionally authentic.

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He describes his sound as heart-felt and warm with some edge.

Coming Up Next

You can find Jay playing local shows around Clarksville and at NashHouse and The Row. Don’t miss his next album releasing soon, where he’ll jump into storytelling and incorporate a more singer-songwriter feel into his dynamic sound.

Jay’s Local Music Recommendations:

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Written by: Callie Rowland






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