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Brad Suennen’s Latest Single “Dive”

Brad Suennen’s Latest Single “Dive”

With the recent release of Brad Suennen’s single “Dive” off his forthcoming EP "Live and Learn", Brad takes us back to a time all of us have experienced in some way or another, of being ready to dive into something new and chase after a goal or dream. Brad says, “[it] was inspired from when I started to reach out more to people I wanted to work with. It was something I started to do more of in the early months of 2020 before everything shut down.” 

The feelings of wonderment and excitement of all the new potential and possibilities ruminates throughout the song with the upbeat guitar riff and energetic tempo. The classic rock tonalities are pervasive throughout the song but with an undoubtedly modern twist added and vocals more akin to the grunge era. As a delightful added ear treat, the musical interlude of the song showcases Brad’s guitar chops and drives the song into the final verse and chorus. 

Players On This Track

  • Vocals, Guitars: Brad Suennen
  • Keyboards: Nolan Brown
  • Bass: Josh Bean
  • Drums/Percussion: Sammi Potts



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A catchy blend of classic and modern rock with alternative undertones and irresistible guitar licks. Brad describes his music as, “a mix of 90s alternative and grunge with some 70s rock influence.” Additionally, his musical influences include AC/DC, Tom Petty, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters.

Coming Up Next

Brad’s 2nd EP “Live and Learn” will be out October 14th, 2022, and available on all major streaming platforms. He also frequents writer’s rounds throughout town so be sure to follow along with him on the socials to see where you might catch him next!

Brad’s Nashville Music Recommendations

The F-use, Violet Moons, Echo Pilot, Multi Ultra, The Reveal, and The Weird Sisters

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Photo Credit: NitaInNashville Photography


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