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Sweet Fever Drops New Single: “As Long as the Sun Shines”
Sweet Fever Drops New Single: “As Long as the Sun Shines”

Artist Name: Sweet Fever
Genres: Rock, Alternative, Blues
Location: Nashville, TN

Local rock and roll band Sweet Fever is bringing the feel-good, psychedelic rock of the 60’s back to Nashville one song at a time. The newest edition to their groovy repertoire, “As Long as the Sun Shines,” was released Friday, August 30th.

The song was written by bassist Jake Kimble, whose inspiration for the lyrics was being on the road playing shows and being far away from that special someone back home. The jam opens with drummer Nick Amend flying around his tom-toms while the bass and guitars add in, before settling on a groove on his hi-hat that drives the band and hits you right in the chest, you can’t help but nod along with the music. Jake’s popping bassline intertwines perfectly with the drums and lead guitarist Nolan Brown’s warm and fuzzy chord progressions. Later on Nolan cranks out a huge, twangy guitar solo on top of some gnarly drum fills from Nick.

The star of the song, are the bands amazingly tight vocal harmonies, led by charismatic lead singer Derrick Wesley. The layered vocals are a signature of the band’s sound and gives the choruses an immense, arena-filling sound. Derrick also showcases his individual talent by demonstrating his wide vocal range and hitting some awesome high notes.

Sweet Fever plays around town very often and put on an amazing show, keep your eyes peeled for new concert dates and catch them live for a great time! 

Watch "As Long as the Sun Shines" by Sweet Fever (Acoustic)


Joseph Garabed

Written By Joseph Garabed

Joseph Garabed is a writer, songwriter, and musician from Naples, FL. He writes articles for both Music Neighbors and the Nashville Scene and releases music under The Joseph Garabed Band. 

IG: @josephgarabedband

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