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Multi Ultra Comes Unraveled with “Uptight”
Multi Ultra Comes Unraveled with “Uptight”

Artist Name: Multi Ultra
Genres: Rock, Alternative, Blues, Punk
Location: Nashville, TN

Multi Ultra is quickening their pace and turning up the heat with the release of their third single, “Uptight”. The track starts as a jagged groove that explodes into a singalong chorus worthy of any mosh-pit. Nolan Brown, guitarist/keyboardist reminisces on the song’s inspiration; “I was feeling pretty cranky one day. Could’ve been traffic or something. Started joking around with those choppy chord stabs to blow off some steam, but realized ‘aw, I could use this’! Most of the lyrics came pretty quick, but not without help from my buddy Nicholas Amend solidifying some crucial hooks.” So the next time you’re on the verge of road rage or can’t stop tweaking your fidget spinner, crank up your radio and hit play. Maybe then you “might not feel so Uptight!”

Watch "Over the Influence" live by Multi Ultra at Welcome to 1979

Multi Ultra is an independent rock band based in Nashville, TN consisting of Derrick Wesley (lead vocals, guitar), Nolan Brown (lead guitar, piano, BGVs), and Chris Bevacqua (bass). A multi-talented group, Multi Ultra takes listeners on a compelling journey of thoughts and emotions with every new release. A few of their influences include The Killers, Cage the Elephant, The Raconteurs, The Strokes, My Morning Jacket, and The Black Keys. Multi Ultra is set to release a series of singles in 2021, supported by energetic live shows tearing through the Nashville club scene. Get to know the artists behind the music and check out the latest recordings, media, and more – never miss a beat! "Uptight" will be available on all streaming platforms on August 28, 2021.

“(A) feel-good band that you can’t help but bob your head along to, Multi Ultra never disappoints. We were nothing short of captivated by their live performance” -Music Neighbors

“Well-versed musical talents, and exquisite stage presence” -Underground Music Collective 

“Loved the uplifting sound and the pop rock instrumentals.” -Digital Tour Bus

Please contact for interviews, guest list and further info.

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp // TikTok

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