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Jyou Goes All In with “Living On the Edge”

Jyou Goes All In with “Living On the Edge”

From the initial melodic piano opening paired with poignant lyrics of “Can’t Believe”, the latest album from Jyou, "Living On the Edge" aims to be a journey through raw emotions that keeps its listeners lured in and captive for the whole trip. He explains the narrative of the album, “The story is about a young man (me) struggling to find his identity, which ultimately takes a toll on his mental health.” 

After the passing of his brother closely followed by a serious car crash in 2021, Jyou is no stranger to the grief, anxiety, and depression that can come with life’s experiences. However, throughout the autobiographical album, it becomes apparent that he seems to have learned that while life can often be the hardest teacher, what we’re able to make from its lessons is our greatest strength. Living On the Edge speaks for itself as a matured production sophomore album from the artist, and goes all in on capturing the essence of coming into adulthood and the turmoil it can bring as well as the gratitude of being able to move forward to bigger things. 

Subsequent to the opening track, the seemingly bright and cheery beat of “Brokeboi” (the album’s first single) is juxtaposed with lyrics full of raw vulnerability and self-doubt yet still seemingly filled with an air of optimism that all comes with trying to make your way in the music industry. When it comes to his musical efforts Jyou explains, “I always used to write raps with my cousins, but freshman year I did a work-study with an after-school program. I helped kids in a studio with recording projects and making their art. Seeing the joy in their faces and how it reflects their process really sparked something in me. Made me want to feed that kid in me again.” We certainly are glad that he made this choice as his talent and knack for flawlessly navigating through tough topics while composing quality music makes us proud to have him in Nashville’s music community. 

The heavy-hitting follow-up and latest single from the album, “At What Cost?” comes in bass-laden, moody, and angst-ridden with the questioning of whether the outcome of our actions is worth the consequences. In a quick flip, the upbeat start to “Handle” complete with a playful-sounding chorus quickly takes a darker tone as it deals straight on with the heavy topic of suicidal thoughts. The song is told through the narrative of attending therapy sessions giving it an extra layer of vulnerability and a sense of losing control.

Moving on to the aptly titled, “Full Circle”, we’re introed in by a motivational speech accompanied by a bluesy guitar lick and quickly driven into a vulnerable, raw, and dark story that is able to remain tinged with zeal. Playing off that momentum the album's second single, “Nest” starts off with a strong focus on the lyrical narrative layered in self-doubt but forward progression that brings growth and reassurance when the refrain hits with a welcome tone of brightness. 

Going full force into the hook from the start with “Grip n’ Clutch”, we’re brought into a moody R&B number with a slowed-down flow that feels slightly disoriented, yet as though our protagonist is back in control. Progressing into “Battle ‘99” we’re brought to an ominous track filled with distorted vocals that bring an introspective story laced yet again with self-doubt but partnered with a pep talk that drives the story forward. Jyou states that he wants listeners to take away from the album, “That you aren’t alone in this journey and that a moment doesn’t define you, it’s all about how you react and build off each moment.” 

Coming back into the light and jazzy end of things instrumentally with “Backkk”, we’re brought into the journey of processing trauma while setting sight on moving forward. Closing out the album is “Restored”, which is complete with a dancy jazz beat accompanied by R&B vocals that leaves the listener feeling uplifted and positive once more yet leaves us on a minor chord. Perhaps foreshadowing even greater things to come? We can only assume so with how solid and sure-footed the entirety of this album is.

You’ll Probably Like Jyou if You Like…

The conscious and introspective stylings of Kendrick Lamar, the catchy hooks of Childish Gambino, the conversational lyricism of Vince Staples, and the blend of jazz and R&B elements with the unique beats of Smino.


Jyou’s Nashville Music Recommendations:

K.O.N. (Trey Gibson) & Ashley EMJ


Players On “Living On the Edge”

Produced by: Nobody’s Home: the trio of Greg Walton, Jackson Thatcher, Jack Keller

Trey Gibson & WowJus7in on “Handle” production

Trey Gibson featured on “Brokeboi”

Ashley EMJ as a feature, writer, and vocalist on “Restored” & “Full Circle” 

Psilent Killer writing credits on “Full Circle” & “Backkk”

Chuck Indigo featured vocalist on “Backkk” 


Coming Up Next

Jyou’s collective, Inner Circle ( is hosting a benefit concert showcase Sunday, March 26th at The East Room called ‘For Her'. Complete with an all-women line-up and a portion of the profits going to The Mother & Daughter Experience, a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to cultivate generational health by promoting the unyielding, sacred bond between mother and daughter.

Additionally, be on the lookout for some new singles dropping next month! We’ll be eagerly awaiting to hear what Jyou taking a step back from living on the edge has in store for us.



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